The Great Colorado Delegate Heist Hands Full Slate to Ted Cruz

On the heels of rampant (and substantiated) instances of election fraud throughout the GOP primary season, the most naked and brazen disenfranchisement occurred last night in the Colorado State GOP Convention.  If you are a Colorado resident and Donald Trump supporter who foolishly thought you had a voice in the selection of the delegates to elect the 2016 Republican nominee, think again.

This past summer the Colorado GOP realized that Donald Trump might win delegates in Colorado so they dispensed with any attempt to represent the will of the voters. They set up a sham process to ensure #nevertrump a sweep in the state. In layman’s terms, they changed the process to disenfranchise Colorado’s GOP voters and implement a Soviet style awarding of delegates.  In so doing, the GOP has been exposed itself as anti American, anti Democrocy, anti Republican and little more than a fascist entity.  Note the silly pretext for scuttling the caucus vote.

A controversial move to cancel the GOP presidential poll at the 2016 caucus is facing new questions that may lead to reconsideration of the Colorado Republican Party’s decision.

Mike Kopp, one of two RNC committee members from Colorado, told The Denver Post on Friday that the party misinterpreted how the new national rules work.

The Republican National Committee approved a rule in 2012 to require that states bind their delegates to the winner of a caucus poll. This upended earlier precedent that allowed Colorado’s delegates to go into the national convention unpledged to a particular candidate — regardless of who won the state’s caucus vote.

The concern that the winner in Colorado may exit the race by the national convention, and the desire for delegates to have freedom to choose the best candidate, led to the state party nixing the straw poll.

In a clear case of electioneering by the GOP, Cruz was awarded all Colorado’s Convention delegates.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has swept the Colorado GOP convention, winning all 13 of the state’s at-large delegates.

And after also winning all 21 delegates awarded at the congressional district conventions throughout the week, the Texas senator leaves Colorado with a complete shutout of his opponents.

Reince Priebus, Mark Levin, Eric Erickson, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Dane Loesch, Katie Pavlich, Rich Lowry, Bill Kristol and their degenerate globalist overlords don’t care what you think.  This election is a sham and these peoples are traitors to our Republic.

The tentacles behind the Colorado Delegate Heist are vast and deep.

Hyenas and jackals have seized control of the party of Abraham Lincoln and have disenfranchised you.  Fraud has been committed at every step of this election cycle to rob Donald Trump of his rightful share of delegates.  Time and again one campaign has hijacked the system to nullify the will of the voters. The benifciary of the #nevertrump fiends is one person, Ted “Rafael” Cruz.

And the raping of the America voter continues.  See irregularities in the delegate selection process.

As many criminals do, the Colorado COP felt compelled to gloat about pulling off their scam. As a criminally corrupt organization they were itching to let everyone know they had done their dirty work to protect globalist interests and disenfranchise ordinary people.  Hey George Soros we’ve got your back!

CO GOP Thugs

Of course the cowards at the corrupt Colorado GOP immediately retracted their incriminating statement and feigned ignorance.  Too late, twitter is forever, scumbags!

And our unjaundiced take on this situation…

Understandably, Trump supporters in Colorado are upset at the shameful shenanigans of the corrupt Colorado GOP.  I suspect this is just one of many hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of loyal voters who have decided to leave the Republican Party for good.  We’ve had enough.  Burn the GOP down!

Thankfully, we have a candidate trying to reclaim the GOP for the citizens but it’s going to be a long hard climb.  Trump may decide to sue over the complete sham that was the Colorado GOP Convention.

Donald Trump‘s campaign says they are “of course” thinking about challenging the seating of the Colorado delegation at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland after several ballot irregularities and delegate number mix-ups at state meetings this weekend.

A senior Trump aide said in a text message the campaign is “documenting everything” on the ground in Colorado and considering trying to block the Colorado delegation from participating at the national convention, where the ultimate Republican nominee will be picked.

But the fraud continues unabated by Rafael Cruz and his Cruzaders e..g operative Patrick Ruffini, who uses his twitter account to gloat over voter disenfranchisement and spread anti Trump Hoaxes.

Ruffini Thug

But there is hope, let’s stay positive and on message.

And our take on this situations


Ted Cruz Experiences New York Values

FU Ted

A lot has been said about New York Values by failed presidential candidate Ted Cruz over the course of the 2016 campaign. It played well in the farm belt.  But now, with his campaign sagging under the weight of his own lies and obfuscation, Cruz is limping into New York for what promises to be the final leg of his sleazy, corrupt and disastrous campaign.

On Wednesday April 6, 2016 a day after his highly questionable victory in Wisconsin, Cruz made a horrible misstep as he entered the South Bronx, presumably to woo minority voters.  But the residents of New York’s hardscrabble working class borough were having none of it.  Cruz was literally thrown out of the Bronx and accosted at every turn.  Welcome to New York, Ted!

In reality Cruz does very poorly in large diverse states.  He wins lily white and less diverse states (often caucuses where vote manipulation is easier).  His troubles in the Bronx underscore one of the major failures of his campaign, the lack of enthusiasm for Cruz outside of the Bible Belt.

Ted Cruz is an out of control person and failing candidate.  But because of the media’s extreme hatred of Donald Trump, Cruz’s flaws are being glossed over. For instance, Cruz’s adultery scandal has been largely ignored by establishment media outlets, outside of the National Enquirer.

Another example is his involvement with the relatively obscure Dominion Theology.  Do people actually understand what this is all about?  If they did, they would be very troubled and afraid of handing over power to Ted Cruz.

Cruz has insulted New Yorkers at every turn but it has been largely swept under the rug outside of New York.  In New York, the vitriol and hatred are being returned in spades.

The endgame for the Democrats and the GOP establishment is to elect Hillary Clinton.  Their strategy is to use Cruz and schlubby John Kasich to siphon off enough delegates to prevent Trump from getting to the magic 1237 delegates threshhold and win on the first ballot at the convention.

The big money is behind Ted Cruz to act as a spoiler for Trump.  These folks are traitors.  A vote for failed candidate Ted Cruz is really just a vote for Hillary Clinton who will appoint 4-5 Supreme Court judges who will in return rescind the Second Amendment and make unfettered immigration the law of the land.  Unless the clear front runner Trump is the nominee, the Republican Party will fracture, handing Clinton the victory.  If Kasich, Cruz or another candidate with fewer delegates (or none at all) is selected by the GOPe at the convention ahead of Trump, the party will be ripped apart.  Trump supporters will defect en masse and the GOP as we know it will end.

To his core, Cruz is an artificial, manufactured, scheming politician.  His entire outsider campaign was a fraudulent attempt to hoodwink the masses.  Thankfully Trump came along to wake up most voters.

For instance, Cruz uses sleazy tactics to release disinformation.  He claims the below memo should not be forwarded to Trump Supporters but that’s exactly what he wants.  As if anyone working for Cruz would be encouraged to send internal documents to Trump supporters!  What rubbish.

Cruz is acting very much like a traitor to the United States (I won’t even get into his dubious citizenship credentials).  I have to wonder, did they offer him an endless supply of young women, is he in line for the Vice Presidency or a SCOTUS selection?  Perhaps it’s all of them!  Enquiring minds want to know.  But Ted, lay off the hookers and give your wife Heidi a break.

Meanwhile on Long Island, Trump draws 18,000 people.  In the Bronx Cruz appears before less than 100 and is shouted down and tossed out.

Mark and Ted’s Not so Honest Campaign

Radio personality Mark Levin is a well know figure in the American Conservative Movement.  In 2016, he has assumed the role of Ted Cruz’s media cheerleader.  Levin actively uses his nationally syndicated radio program, blog, twitter account and Facebook page to promote Ted Cruz.  Well, actually he doesn’t so much promote Ted Cruz as incessantly berate and smear Cruz’s primary opponent, Donald J. Trump.  Levin and Cruz work in tandem, spreading misinformation and half truths about Donald Trump, while with a straight face asserting the Cruz is the true “outsider” candidate.  Not only is the claim incorrect but the continuous stream of Trump smears borders on fraud and misrepresentation.

Levin and Cruz endlessly repeat the mantra “Cruz is the only Constitutional Conservative” while riding the edge of legality with their campaign tactics.  Both Levin and Cruz have revealed themselves to be little but ethically challenged hypocrites, power hungry lawyers riddled with cynicism and arrogance.  They are conducting a coordinated campaign of disinformation against Donald Trump and his supporters.

Who is Mark Levin?

Mark Levin (pronounced le-VIN) is Virgina based lawyer, author and current president of the Landmark Foundation, a non-profit foundation which espouses Conservative causes.  Levin cut his political teeth in the Reagan administration working for Attorney General Edwin Meese III.  The same Ed Meese who became embroiled in the Wedtech Scandal and was forced to resign.  Levin also represented Meese during the Iran Contra Scandal.  Levin has remained loyal to Meese over the years and Meese has served as a board member of the Landmark Legal Foundation, of which Mark Levin is President.

The Landmark Legal Foundation is organized in Missouri and according to Federal non-profit laws.  I’m not going to dispute that Landmark does good work, it does.  And I applaud their many victories against the Democrats and other far left extremists.  But since Levin has spent such a disproportionate percentage of his time fabricating anti Trump smears and disseminating them, he and his foundation are fair game.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit Landmark Legal Foundation is required to file a form 990 with the Internal Revenue Service.  Here are a few highlights from Landmark’s 2013 filing statement.

Page 8 contains compensation information. Levin as President/Director of the foundation, commands a hefty salary of $235,400.  See also column F which indicates that Levin receives additional compensation from this charity and related organizations of $109,669.   So Mark Levin raked in $345,069 from the Landmark Legal Foundation in 2013.

Interestingly, he represents that he works 40 hours per week at the Foundation.  Is that accurate?  Between a daily radio show and authoring books and advocating for the Cruz campaign, it would seem awfully difficult to squeeze in 40 hours each week. When does Levin sleep?  Maybe he’s amortizing his hours worked!

Note also that Edwin “Ed” Meese III resurfaces as director and vice president of this non-profit.  To his credit, he is not compensated.  Scrolling further down this page reveals Robert S. Levin, staff counsel.  Mr. Levin also works 40 hours per week and hauls in a salary of $104,167 plus additional compensation of $98,703 for a geand total of $202,870 per annum from this non-profit.  Scroll down to page 32 of this report and you will discover that the two Levins are related.


See also page 30 of this report, which indicates that employees were paid a discretionary bonus is 2013.


Who exactly supports the Landmark Legal Foundation?  As of 2002 the following entities provided funding for Lanmark.

According to MediaTransparency, Landmark received $8,935,200 between 1986 and 2003 in a total of 118 grants.
Landmark has received $20,000 from ExxonMobil Foundation since 1998.
According to its 2002 990 report, Landmark Legal Foundation received $1,567,258 in gifts, grants, and contributions in 2002.
Other funders include the Allegheny Foundation, Lynde and Harry Bradley, Foundation, Inc., Carthage Foundation, Castle Rock Foundation, JM Foundation, Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, Philip M. McKenna Foundation, Inc., John M. Olin Foundation, Inc., Sarah Scaife Foundation, and the Scaife Family Foundation.

His donors include many well known establishment donors like Charles Koch.  Koch is also an open borders advocate .  Other notable GOPe donors include the Scaife Family, Exxon Corporation and the Castle Rock Foundation.  Castle Rock is funded by the Coors family which built its fortune selling Coors Beer to the masses.  The big money supports Levin and his “Conservative” causes just like the big money controls Ted Cruz.

Waiting for the Trump Collapse that Never Came

Why is Levin so threatened by Trump? It seems that Levin and other factions of the Republican Establishment (“GOPe”) are desperate to return to power after eight years in the wilderness with the Obama Administration.  But imagine how the American People feel, it’s been at least 30 years since we’ve have anybody who cares about doing what’s right for us.  Every year more foreigners are taking away our jobs and the so called Conservatives like Cruz, Ryan, Boehner, McConnell, George W. Bush have done nothing to protect native born American citizens.  Even Cruz has supported amnesty, global trade pacts and an increase in legal immigration.

Ted Cruz and Mark Levin hate Trump because he has completely outfoxed them.  Ted Cruz has been a GOPe insider for a long time.  Ted and his wife Heidi met working on the George W. Bush campaign.  His wife works at Goldman Sachs.  We all now know how deeply embedded in the establishment Ted Cruz is.  But Cruz knew in 2016 that an insider wouldn’t sell.  So what’s a power hungry one term Senator to do?  Why, reinvent yourself of course.

Cruz  worked tirelessly to position himself as the ultimate outsider, with years of staged protests in the Senate.  He crafted a new persona, from the ashes of true a George W. Bush insider, a new superhero designed to run against the establishment in 2016 was born.  Cruz carefully and methodically set himself up to be the conduit of voter rage in 2016; the man of principle, integrity and adherence to the Constitution.

We know now, however, that Cruz is a very calculated, poseur and not an authentic man of the people.  In fact, Cruz has far more in common with effete elitists like Barrack Obama than he does the average American.

Donald Trump, a true GOPe outsider and political neophyte grabbed the populist surge which Cruz had positioned himself to take. So the rage you hear every day on the Mark Levin show is based on jealousy and envy.  Trump grabbed the anti-GOPe crown in his announcement speech and never relinquished it.  Cruz and Levin, like many others, initially dismissed Trump as a lightweight entertainer and not a serious threat.

Ted Cruz knew Conservative heavyweights like Levin would use their media platforms to excoriate Trump at every Turn.  What he failed to glean is that Trump is much more sophisticated and media savvy than anyone realized (dwarfing Levin and Cruz’s relatively cynical and dishonest efforts).  The American people are seeking the truth, not more of the lies and smears doled out by Levin and the rest of the GOPe.

Although Cruz and Trump remained chummy for a while, Cruz dropped his phony “outsider with integrity” act when it became clear Trump was going to maintain his lead.  Cruz, in desperation, began non-stop attacks of Trump.  They soon became bitter rivals.  While Cruz did lead in Iowa after Ben Carson collapsed, he soon began dropping.  Now one day before Iowa causes, Cruz sits precariously in second place with the strong possibility of tumbling below Rubio into third.

Cruz famously bragged, all he had to do was to wait for Trump to implode and he would gloriously and instantly acquire all of Trump supporters and be swept into the White House.  This proved to be delusional at best.  Cruz’s entire campaign is predicated on him harnessing voter rage and becoming the GOPe outsider.  Instead it has collapsed into a mess of smear tactics and questionable campaign strategies.

Unethical Behavior by Mark Levin

Mark Levin used his pulpit on radio and television to distribute a stream of half truths and lies regarding the Trump campaign.  I touched on this in my prior post, “Desperate GOPe Conspires to Take Down Trump“.

In a nutshell, Levin has gone way over the Tump in his hatred of Trump. In so doing has offered many potential lies and half truths.  He has repeatedly showered voters with over the line rhetoric.

For instance he accuses Trump of dodging a ficticious debate with Ted Cruz which Cruz demanded when Trump skipped the second Fox Debate. Levin implies that Trump is dodging but the truth is Levin knows that it’s not going to happen.  If any of the Republicans participate in an unscantioned debate they would be barred from future 2016 sanctioned debates.

I think rather than Trump, it’s Levin that needs to check himself.  Levin has a history of browbeating politicians with whom he disagrees.  Take Ron Paul for example.  He threatened to scuttle Ron’s son Rand’s Senatorial campaign if Ron Paul ran as a third party ticket. What a class act Levin is.

It’s important to remember that licensed attorneys, even when not actually practicing law are subject to ethical regulations.  In Virginia for instance, where Levin is licensed to practice law the following standard applies.

Virginia Rules – RULE 8.4 Misconduct It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to: (a) violate or attempt to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, knowingly assist or induce another to do so, or do so through the acts of another; (b) commit a criminal or deliberately wrongful act that reflects adversely on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness to practice law; (c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation which reflects adversely on the lawyer’s fitness to practice law; (d) state or imply an ability to influence improperly or upon irrelevant grounds any tribunal, legislative body, or public official; or (e) knowingly assist a judge or judicial officer in conduct that is a violation of applicable rules of judicial conduct or other law.

It remains to be seen whether Levin’s over the top half truths and smears concerning Donald Trump rise to the level of fraud, dishonesty or deceit under Virginia law.  But all one needs to do is peruse Levin’s twitter timeline to see the unhinged rantings of someone obsessed with Donald Trump; someone seemingly willing to do almost anything to scuttle Trump’s Presidential run.  Perhaps Cruz has offered Levin a juicy cabinet position in exchange for his help in defeating Trump.  Who knows, but that’s how the D.C., GOPe insiders operate.

Unethical Behavior by Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz has drawn scrutiny for his questionable campaign tactics in Iowa.  The closing days of his campaign have revealed rather dishonest tactics designed to induce voters to Caucus with Cruz.

Cruz Voter Shaming

On the ground in Iowa there have been reports of suspect conduct from the Cruz campaign.

Today, the Cruz campaign has been smearing Trump with endless lies about Obamacare as well.  Trump pushed back and rightfully called Cruz a liar.

Clearly at minimum there is suspicious activity from the Cruz campaign in Iowa. Does it rise to criminal conduct, I’m not sure.  But it’s the death of high integrity good guy image that Cruz fastidiously crafted.  What’s left is just another scheming, lying politician who will say and do anything to get elected.  Ted has been reduced to a mud slinging sleaze.



Ted Cruz’s not so Excellent Week

The past week has been a difficult one for the self-described conservative conscience of the GOP. After having his inner smarmy politician exposed by the New York Times on the now infamous hidden micophone recording, he was dragged into the moshpit with Marco Rubio over his immigration policy.  This attack by the mainstream media was inevitable, though, with Cruz’s recent ascension in the polls in Iowa and creeping national support.  Like the Empire, the GOPe always strikes back.  Here, lead by Marco Rubio and heavily supported by establishment friendly outlets like Fox News the attack is focused on lowering Cruz’s credibility and favorability.  It’s similar to the ongoing smear campaign against populist candidate Donald Trump.

The New York Times article was meant to be a knockout punch, similar to the George Allen “Macaca” incident or Mitt Romney’s “47%” comments. It exposes Ted Cruz as a scheming, duplicitous politician.  He says on the recording that he wants to “bearhug” Donald Trump in public and fears getting into a public row with Trump. He also questions Trump’s judgment as Commander in Chief.  The ultimate goal is to chip away at Cruz and prevent him from eclipsing Rubio.  By dragging him down to Rubio’s level, they can begin deconstructing Cruz and his good guy image.

Cruz has positioned himself as the outsider with integrity, the Champion of Christian America (Evangelicals absolutely love him).  The NY Times piece is an attempt to blunt his perceived integrity and reduce his favorability among future voters. As the wider group of voters learns about Ted Cruz, his integrity and trustworthiness will be questioned, rather than accepted.  In many ways, he has made integrity a central theme in his campaign.  Thus, it’s no accident that his honesty is being attacked.  It’s actually quite damaging in the end.

Cruz’s subsequent refusal to adequately address these questions has resulted in the general appearance of smarminess.  The media has quickly picked up on this and has predictably begun to hammer Cruz on the sleaziness factor.  Once Cruz’s reputation is destroyed he will drop in the polls.  It’s up to him now to rehabilitate himself before the smears become truth.  It’s not the Cruz Crew they are targeting but future potential supporters.  With the Iowa Caucuses around the corner, the GOPe realizes it’s go time for Marco Rubio and that Ted Cruz is standing in the way.

Ted Cruz is one of the most dynamic and convincing speakers of the GOP candidates. This was largely obscured by the Rubio-Cruz cage match over immigration and amnesty.  Although Cruz was given the most time to speak, he spent much of it haggling with Rubio.  Most Americans do not know or care about intricate policy details.  The two of them chirping back and forth resulted only in a draw, a net negative for Cruz.  A draw on amnesty is actually a great deal for Rubio, as it’s his Achilles Heel.  Although Cruz is clearly in the right on this issue, it has been sufficiently muddled as to give Rubio a pass. Predictably, most of the media coverage has been pro-Rubio and the anti-Cruz rhetoric has been dialed up.

The other dust up with Rubio involved data collection and national security. It’s clear on this issue that Cruz is in the right again.  There is no question that Ted Cruz is more intelligent and wonkish than Rubio.  But does it matter?  I contend it doesn’t.  He’s got lots of wonderful patriotic Americans supporting him but he’s not going to be permitted by the GOPe and mainstream media to breakthrough any further.  He lacks Trump’s media savvy and the ability to simplify issues and reach directly to voters.  Cruz is brilliant, but try as he might, he does not have the common touch; too much the glib, slick political insider.  The larger issue of how he will handle the onslaught of half truths and smears coming from the GOPe and traditional media outlets remains unresolved.

The next few weeks will be critical for Ted Cruz.  Will he rise above increased media scrutiny and GOPe smears or fall victim to them?

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