Op-ed from Oz, An Outsider looking in

As an Australian I was, like the majority of people very pleased to see that Donald J Trump won the General Elections on November 8, 2016 after a tumultuous battle not only with the Democrats led by Hillary Clinton, the media but with his own party.

The parallels of the United States will soon be playing out in Australia. The government in Australia, like the Obama Administration is out of touch with the people the upcoming candidates will be pushing the same agenda and the people will be looking for change just as America did with President Trump.

While Australia does not have exactly the same issues, we need our swamp drained too and the people are looking for that special person who will stand up to be the swamp drainer. At present no clear evidence of such a person has made themselves known, yet we live in hope.

Regardless, like America our left wingers will be much like their American counterparts which is the saddest thing of all. So used to having everything their own way for diversity, multiculturalism and other issues which have harmed us more than helped us as the gap between rich and poor widens daily with no end in sight.

We have lost our industry our farmers are undermined by overseas producers, our veterans don’t get care and in growing numbers they are becoming homeless. Unemployment is rising, the dream of owning your own home is becoming increasingly more impossible as housing prices skyrocket.

Sound familiar? It should, these are among the very same issues along with a strong immigration policy that got Donald Trump elected as President. While the left and other members of the Republican Party trotted out the same old dire tribe which alienated their support base combined with the Clinton campaign that had nothing new to offer other than a continuation of the Obama Administration, which Clinton was going to re-brand as the Clinton Administration and while the mainstream media tried to polish solid rust for her and sell it as pure gold, nobody was going to buy it, regardless of what the polls said.

In the first weeks of the actual Presidency of Donald J Trump, campaign promises are not only being kept they are being rolled out at a pace never before seen in history by any politician anywhere in the world. The reason this is happening the way it is, is quite simply because Donald J Trump is not a politician (and let’s pray he never becomes one), he is foremost a businessman.

The success or failure of any businessman is his ability or inability to deliver on his promises, products or services or not. The Trump brand has been translated to the office of President and the establishment in Washington D.C don’t know

how to cope, including members of his own party. As a result things continue to be frustratingly slow for President Trump who is a man of actions and deeds unlike politicians, some who are RINO’s and we see this playing out before our eyes.

Meanwhile, Trump’s supporters are over the moon with the election result and his presidency so far. Unfortunately the left are still in a state of disbelief and anger and refuse to move on. The left apparently like the swamp and are actively rioting to allow the swamp monsters continue to dwell in it, regardless of that pesky President.

Free speech is for the left a God given right but if anyone dares to express a different opinion one could be mistaken to believe the wrath of God was cast upon them particularly when it comes to the issues of immigration and the moratorium on travel from 7 countries identified by the Obama Administration as a clear and present danger to the National Security of the United States indeed the rest of the world.

Sadly, with all the free speech that is guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of the U.S Constitution the Main Stream Media who would not let the truth get in the way of a good news story and the left who won’t address the issues whether they be jobs, industry, infrastructure, taxation or any of the grass root elements that need to be and are being urgently addressed by the Trump Administration. Instead they block, oppose, undermine and attempt to de-legitimize President Trump all while claiming that they are the only ones who have America’s interests in the forefront of their minds while they alienate conservatives and will no doubt soon poison their own base as President Trump gets on with the job at hand regardless of them.

Australia, I suspect will soon see parallels of the experiences of the United States playing out with our election cycle approaching. The current government led by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, like the Obama Administration is out of touch with the people the upcoming candidates will be pushing the same agenda and the people will be looking for change just as America did with President Donald Trump.

Like America, our left wingers will be much like their American counterparts, which is the saddest thing of all especially if we can find a swamp drainer like President Trump.

What the left and the elitists and New World Order types have to understand is that the majority the 99% are now awake to their game plans and are no longer going to take it regardless of geography.

Op-Ed by Wyatt Wharton© Opinions expressed by the author are solely his, they are made with all rights reserved, without liability and without prejudice.


When the Going Gets Tough the Left Trolls Trump

From progressive bagmen like Michael Moore to the RINO high priestess SE Cupp, trolling  Donald Trump is the latest Twitter craze.  Below are but a few of the many examples of those lazily trolling Trump to generate buzz for their sagging careers.

Michael Moore who is promoting a new movie Where to Invade Next is just the latest in a long line of Trump trolls.  I do give him credit for having his limo drop him off at Trump Tower and standing up long for this picture to be taken, though. You’re a true working class hero Mike!  Too bad you aren’t concerned about the safety of American Citizens.  How incredibly shallow and shameless of you to exploit Muslims to promote your movie.

Of course his trolling was wildy successful, Moore is clever enough to take advantage of free publicity!

After exploiting Trump for his own purposes, Moore is off to Stephen Colbert, unfortunately nobody is going to watch this progressive slopfest.

S.E. Cupp, who miraculously  made a career out of  being a proud RINO grrrl, has predicably joined the anti- Trump convoy.

Can you imagine if Cupp was a guy or ugly?  Nobody would listen to anything she said. As it is now, she’s wailing into an echo chamber.

Trump even took the time to call her out for her endless and sad diatribes.  Just another lazy overpaid pumdit riding Trump’s coattails.  Who said journalists have to work hard.  Why think for yourself when Hillary and Karl Rove have done it for you.

It pays to be the token ‘Republican’ at CNN in league fellow progressives.  It makes me laugh when she calls herself a Conservative.

I will post more of the many examples of Trump trolling as I come across  them. Suggestions are welcome.


Even the WaPo is on it:

Predictions for Tonight’s Debate

Just a quick note before tonight’s Republican debate in Las Vegas and a few predictions.

With Trump grabbing all of the recent headlines, expect the media to lob softballs at Rubio all night.  I know it’s Wolf Blitzer moderating but I don’t think it’s likely he will go too hard after the Hillary’s preferred opponent, Marco Rubio.  Clearly this is the GOP Establishment’s guy and every effort will be made to declare him the night’s winner.

By Contrast, Cruz will be largely ignored and asked inconsequential or gotcha questions.  He will likely garner the toughest questions to answer.  While Cruz is an establishment guy, he has played the outsider role a little too well and many of the cronies likely don’t trust him yet.  Rubio is a much safer bet.

Kasich will be granted far too many opportunities to interrupt and answer for a guy at 1% nationally.  Same for Fiorina, except she will acting even more shrill and sanctimonious.  Sorry, I don’t like them.

Christie will land a few great one liners but nobody will care.

Jeb! will be moderately coherent and his reviews will be overwhelmingly positive, since the bar has been set so ridiculously low for this mediocre at best candidate.

Rand Paul will make a few excellent points and people will actually think about voting for him.  Then he will go a little too far and will fade back into obscurity.

That leaves Trump.  He will stick to familiar topics and be mostly cordial to his fellow candidates.  Trump will do well and attack when he needs to defend himself.  His performance will be grotesquely over analyzed by the chattering political class but loved by his ever swelling horde of supporters.

I doubt there will be as many people tuning in now as the novelty has worn off.  Many voters have already made their choice.