The Great Colorado Delegate Heist Hands Full Slate to Ted Cruz

On the heels of rampant (and substantiated) instances of election fraud throughout the GOP primary season, the most naked and brazen disenfranchisement occurred last night in the Colorado State GOP Convention.  If you are a Colorado resident and Donald Trump supporter who foolishly thought you had a voice in the selection of the delegates to elect the 2016 Republican nominee, think again.

This past summer the Colorado GOP realized that Donald Trump might win delegates in Colorado so they dispensed with any attempt to represent the will of the voters. They set up a sham process to ensure #nevertrump a sweep in the state. In layman’s terms, they changed the process to disenfranchise Colorado’s GOP voters and implement a Soviet style awarding of delegates.  In so doing, the GOP has been exposed itself as anti American, anti Democrocy, anti Republican and little more than a fascist entity.  Note the silly pretext for scuttling the caucus vote.

A controversial move to cancel the GOP presidential poll at the 2016 caucus is facing new questions that may lead to reconsideration of the Colorado Republican Party’s decision.

Mike Kopp, one of two RNC committee members from Colorado, told The Denver Post on Friday that the party misinterpreted how the new national rules work.

The Republican National Committee approved a rule in 2012 to require that states bind their delegates to the winner of a caucus poll. This upended earlier precedent that allowed Colorado’s delegates to go into the national convention unpledged to a particular candidate — regardless of who won the state’s caucus vote.

The concern that the winner in Colorado may exit the race by the national convention, and the desire for delegates to have freedom to choose the best candidate, led to the state party nixing the straw poll.

In a clear case of electioneering by the GOP, Cruz was awarded all Colorado’s Convention delegates.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has swept the Colorado GOP convention, winning all 13 of the state’s at-large delegates.

And after also winning all 21 delegates awarded at the congressional district conventions throughout the week, the Texas senator leaves Colorado with a complete shutout of his opponents.

Reince Priebus, Mark Levin, Eric Erickson, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Dane Loesch, Katie Pavlich, Rich Lowry, Bill Kristol and their degenerate globalist overlords don’t care what you think.  This election is a sham and these peoples are traitors to our Republic.

The tentacles behind the Colorado Delegate Heist are vast and deep.

Hyenas and jackals have seized control of the party of Abraham Lincoln and have disenfranchised you.  Fraud has been committed at every step of this election cycle to rob Donald Trump of his rightful share of delegates.  Time and again one campaign has hijacked the system to nullify the will of the voters. The benifciary of the #nevertrump fiends is one person, Ted “Rafael” Cruz.

And the raping of the America voter continues.  See irregularities in the delegate selection process.

As many criminals do, the Colorado COP felt compelled to gloat about pulling off their scam. As a criminally corrupt organization they were itching to let everyone know they had done their dirty work to protect globalist interests and disenfranchise ordinary people.  Hey George Soros we’ve got your back!

CO GOP Thugs

Of course the cowards at the corrupt Colorado GOP immediately retracted their incriminating statement and feigned ignorance.  Too late, twitter is forever, scumbags!

And our unjaundiced take on this situation…

Understandably, Trump supporters in Colorado are upset at the shameful shenanigans of the corrupt Colorado GOP.  I suspect this is just one of many hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of loyal voters who have decided to leave the Republican Party for good.  We’ve had enough.  Burn the GOP down!

Thankfully, we have a candidate trying to reclaim the GOP for the citizens but it’s going to be a long hard climb.  Trump may decide to sue over the complete sham that was the Colorado GOP Convention.

Donald Trump‘s campaign says they are “of course” thinking about challenging the seating of the Colorado delegation at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland after several ballot irregularities and delegate number mix-ups at state meetings this weekend.

A senior Trump aide said in a text message the campaign is “documenting everything” on the ground in Colorado and considering trying to block the Colorado delegation from participating at the national convention, where the ultimate Republican nominee will be picked.

But the fraud continues unabated by Rafael Cruz and his Cruzaders e..g operative Patrick Ruffini, who uses his twitter account to gloat over voter disenfranchisement and spread anti Trump Hoaxes.

Ruffini Thug

But there is hope, let’s stay positive and on message.

And our take on this situations


Marco Rubio: Neocons’ Perfect Parrot

marco talking Pink Parrot

Marco Rubio is the favorite son of the Neocon political elite.  He is nothing but a malleable puppet directed by the same cronies that controlled George W. Bush.  Marco evinces no authenticity because he has none.  He is merely an empty vessel to be filled by the basest, most corrupt and cynical big money thugs.

Who are the people that control Marco Rubio?  One need to look no further than his campaign slogan “New American Century” to find the answer.  A quick google search provides the first evidence of this connection.  According to Wikipedia, “Project for a New American Century” was the name of a Neocon think thank.

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was a neoconservative[1][2][3]think tank based in Washington, D.C. that focused on United Statesforeign policy. It was established as a non-profit educational organization in 1997, and founded by William Kristol and Robert Kagan.[4][5] The PNAC’s stated goal was “to promote American global leadership.”[6] The organization stated that “American leadership is good both for America and for the world,” and sought to build support for “a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity.”[7]

This think tank was disbanded in 2006 and replaced in 2009 with the Foreign Policy Initiative founded again by the same neocons like Bill Kristol.  These two organizations focus on role of the United States in world affairs.  Neocons favor a U.S. policy of intervention in foreign countries and a perpetual state of war, much like we have now.  For example, George W. Bush, who gave us wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was controlled by the same neocons that back Rubio.

It should come as no surprise that William Kristol, who publishes the Weekly Standard, is a big Marco Rubio fan.  Bill Kristol’s hatred of Donald Trump is also well known.  Of course he would love another power hungry Bush in office as well. In fact, Jeb! was part of PNAC. But even the neocons realize that voters have a severe case of Bush Fatigue and they need a fresh face, preferably a minority to exploit the demographic shift in the United States.  This explains why Bush has spent so much time and money denigrating Marco Rubio; only one candidate can be the GOP Establishment (“GOPe”) and neocon darling.  They are battling it out for the top spot on the neocon ticket.  The winner gets the full backing of the open borders, war hawk, globalist, neocon machine.  The loser will make a quick exit and go back to a cushy no-show job at a globalist think thank or corporation.

It appears that Marco Rubio is their first choice.  A truly empty vessel with zero accomplishments, Rubio is a conduit through whom all of their plans and schemes can be fulfilled.  Rubio is also a compromised candidate who can be easily controlled.  Imagine the neocon gollums, meeting in their private estates, islands, boardrooms or incestuous clubs and discussing their perfect candidate: Young, Hispanic, immigrant family with no U.S. ties, no accomplishments, cute, able to parrot talking points effectively, easily controlled and a capable liar.  Marco Rubio is all of these things and more.  The perfect parrot, the GOPe Obama.   Then the top it all off, we’ll dust off the old “New American Century” slogan to use for his campaign.  Those stupid voters won’t even notice.  Behind the scenes, the neocon cronies must laugh amongst themselves about the slogan; it’s their private little joke.  The oligarchs love their private jokes.  Imagine the brothers Randolph and Mortimer in Trading Places, plotting and scheming to run the world while recklessly destroying millions of lives.

Marco Rubio is reminiscent of Chauncey Gardner, the simpleton protagonist of Being There, the book by Jerzy Kosinski and related movie starring Peter Sellers. He’s an idiot being prepped for a role designed by our Founding Fathers for true leaders and patriots.  Rubio falls far short of the mark.


Did you know Marco is a big fan of rap music?  The  political action committee supporting him is called “Baby Got PAC“.  It’s named after the rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot’s hit “Baby Got Back”, a song about a woman’s giant posterior.

This PAC was created by mega donor John Jordan and infamous political consultant Rick Wilson.  Their mantra is that Rubio is the most electable candidate.  You’ve probably heard this canard many times.  It’s not true of course, inexperienced Rubio would be gobbled up by the Clinton political machine. James Carville is licking his chops just thinking about facing Rubio in the general election.  The only candidate they fear is Trump because nobody owns him.  Even if Rubio lost to Hillary, Wilson, Jordan and the rest of the GOPe would be far happier than if Donald Trump was elected.

John Jordan, the multi-millionaire Jordan Winery owner and Republican donor, is formally backing Florida Sen. Marco Rubio with a new super PAC, named “Baby Got PAC,” he emailed Tuesday.

The group’s inaugural ad’s script seeks to mimic the dilemma facing many GOP voters, who are confounded by the massive field, tantalized by the outsiders’ appeal, but at the end of the day simply want to defeat Clinton next fall. The ad, airing initially on Fox Business Network before Tuesday’s debate, seeks to boost Rubio by declaring him the candidate most feared by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Jordan said the group will also promote the 60-second spot online.

Developed with GOP consultant Rick Wilson, the spot opens by highlighting voters’ frustration with Washington, followed by the narrator stating: “So when we started to make this ad, we had to decide which conservative candidate for president to support.”

Rubio is the ultimate Trojan Horse candidate. While his derivative slogan promises a fresh start for our country, it’s anything but that.  It represents only the neocon return to power:  Endless wars and reckless spending; unfettered immigration, sellout treaties, tax breaks and monopolies for the uber wealthy.  Rubio would continue many of Obama’s disastrous policies and add trillions to our national debt. He would permit another 30-50 million immigrants to gain citizenship in the United States.  He’s a neocon’s dream but a disaster for middle class Americans.

Marco Rubio is a neocon to the core. It’s no accident then, that candidate Rubio has come out in favor of aggressive, interventionist policies.  He is regarded as the biggest war hawk in the United States Senate. He is also a well known backer of the Gang 8 Amnesty Bill, which passed the Senate but failed to pass the House of Representatives .   Rubio wants women to register for the Selective Service aka military draft. How many American sons and daughters would die fighting in wars during a Rubio Administration?

The so called “Conservative” media, including Fox News has fully backed the Rubio rollout.  His dismal third place Iowa finish was predictably sold as a victory by the GOPe.  Endless stories of the Rubio Surge clogged Facebook and Twitter; Fox news ran countless stories backing Rubio.  The establishment moved quickly to shift Rubio to the head of the line and most importantly, knock down Donald Trump.  After his Iowa third place “victory” the Rubio endorsements came rolling in.

Just of a few of the many establishment publications supporting Rubio:

Iowa’s Des Moines Register.



Byron York, stands up against the insanity that is Rubio but Bill Kristol will have none of it. Bill claims Rubio is even more qualified than his former muppet, George W. Bush.



Bill Kristol is the publisher of the Weekly Standard.  This is the neocon propagandist bible, which shills endlessly for GOPe controlled candidates. Once it became clear the Jeb Bush had no hope, their plan b empty vessel Marco Rubio was waiting.  The Weekly Standard loses money every year.  Who exactly supports them?  It used to be Rupert Murdoch.


Red State’s Dan McLaughlin is a big Rubio guy. Red State is another so called Conservative publication that is really just a bunch of angry Trump hating neocons.



Conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh even likes Marco’s Conservative bona fides. You’re in Marco!


Jennifer Rubin, Self styled Conservative columnist for the Washington Post is another prolific Rubio supporter.

Fox News proclaimed Rubio’s lackluster 3rd place finish in Iowa as “Marcomentum”.



And NRO was on board with Marcomentum


Fox News is in the corner of Marco Amnesty Rubio as well.


Add former Democrat Charles Krauthammer to the list of Rubio backers.  Surprise, another Fox News neocon supports Rubio.


Fox News’ focus group specialist, Frank Luntz was once paid a large fee by Marco Rubio.  His focus group after the pre-Iowa Caucus Fox News debate declared Marco Rubio the big winner.


A Fox News executive in charge of the writing questions for their pre-Iowa Caucus debate has a daughter working on the Rubio campaign.  Nothing to see here folks, keep moving along.  Oh, didn’t you know Rubio is surging and his 3rd place finish in Iowa was tantamount to victory?


National Review loves them some Marco



The staged “Marcomentum” machine was running smoothly until the disastrous debate performance on February 6, 2016 in New Hampshire.  Fellow Candidate and former prosecutor, Chris Christie exposed Rubio as a pre-programmed robot.  Voters finally saw the true Rubio, a man of little accomplishment or authenticity.  He was exposed for all to see as little but a parrot reciting memorized speeches.  The perfect GOPe/neocon candidate was quickly revealed as a fraud.  Even after Christie accused him, the Rubio Robot kept making the same canned speech, over and over.

But even before his bizarre meltdown on national television, former Rubio supporters were coming out to criticize Rubio for his deceit.  Many of those who voted Rubio into his Florida Senate seat, are now disillusioned by his many lies and about faces.  Put simply, Rubio serves only his puppet masters and not the people of Florida he supposedly represents. May former supporters feel betrayed.  Phyllis Schlafly, a former Rubio backer, has written a damning 15 page memo which compares Rubio’s policies to those of Lindsay Graham.  Ouch. Not very conservative.


Although the National Review (“NR”) recently published an anti-Rubio rant by Mark Krikorian, most of their staff still loves Marco. More importantly, they are charter members of Anyone But Trump club.  The NR has not yet officially endorsed Rubio but likely will if he can save himself in New Hampshire. Will he declare victory after a 4th place “win” in New Hampshire?

The Post’s Jennifer Rubin still has Rubio’s back:

So apparently does Rush Limbaugh. On his Monday February 8, 2016 show, he did his best to rehabilitate Rubio, the GOPe’s last legitimate shot.

The conservative talk show host praised Rubio for repeatedly insisting that President Barack Obama is purposely out to ruin the country. Rubio faced heavy criticism both during and after the debate from opponent New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and the media for repeating the same attack line four times.

“I don’t know how big a faux pas this was for Rubio,” Limbaugh said. “Clearly it was not a positive; clearly it was not his best. But I don’t think it ruined his chances and wiped him out like some in the media opined.”

Neocon controlled media such as Red State continues to cheerlead for Rubio.  They are all in for their neocon parrot.

The average voter in [sic] not going to choose to vote against Rubio because he has internalized a series of pat answers. It isn’t going to happen. Because most of the GOP establishment focuses on superficialities, they think the GOP electorate… or America… is going to tire of hearing Obama blamed for his maladministration. They are wrong. It won’t matter. The very best Christie can hope for is to pull some votes from Bush or Kasich.

The comments to this Red State article brought out more reasoned thought than this quickly typed trashed deserved. As “bizmark” noted,

I don’t think the criticism is about his debate performance, per se. It’s just that the debate brought forward what many already know: Rubio is paper thin and not as principled as other candidates.

And Samsara points out rather adroitly, Rubio is the establishment candidate.

“What this represents is the GOP establishment’s Hail Mary to stop Marco Rubio.”

I disagree, Rubio is the GOP establishment’s Hail Mary to stop Trump and Cruz. No one has been a more ardent supporter of the GOP establishment than Jennifer Rubin at the Post. She is pounding the Rubio drum five times a day.

The GOPe will continue to support Rubio until a viable alternative is found. Let’s hope the people of New Hampshire come to their senses and put Rubio in his place.  He’s a dangerous, controlled candidate and a foot soldier for big money donors who will not serve the American people. Let’s bury his campaign while we have a chance.

When the Going Gets Tough the Left Trolls Trump

From progressive bagmen like Michael Moore to the RINO high priestess SE Cupp, trolling  Donald Trump is the latest Twitter craze.  Below are but a few of the many examples of those lazily trolling Trump to generate buzz for their sagging careers.

Michael Moore who is promoting a new movie Where to Invade Next is just the latest in a long line of Trump trolls.  I do give him credit for having his limo drop him off at Trump Tower and standing up long for this picture to be taken, though. You’re a true working class hero Mike!  Too bad you aren’t concerned about the safety of American Citizens.  How incredibly shallow and shameless of you to exploit Muslims to promote your movie.

Of course his trolling was wildy successful, Moore is clever enough to take advantage of free publicity!

After exploiting Trump for his own purposes, Moore is off to Stephen Colbert, unfortunately nobody is going to watch this progressive slopfest.

S.E. Cupp, who miraculously  made a career out of  being a proud RINO grrrl, has predicably joined the anti- Trump convoy.

Can you imagine if Cupp was a guy or ugly?  Nobody would listen to anything she said. As it is now, she’s wailing into an echo chamber.

Trump even took the time to call her out for her endless and sad diatribes.  Just another lazy overpaid pumdit riding Trump’s coattails.  Who said journalists have to work hard.  Why think for yourself when Hillary and Karl Rove have done it for you.

It pays to be the token ‘Republican’ at CNN in league fellow progressives.  It makes me laugh when she calls herself a Conservative.

I will post more of the many examples of Trump trolling as I come across  them. Suggestions are welcome.


Even the WaPo is on it:

Ted Cruz’s not so Excellent Week

The past week has been a difficult one for the self-described conservative conscience of the GOP. After having his inner smarmy politician exposed by the New York Times on the now infamous hidden micophone recording, he was dragged into the moshpit with Marco Rubio over his immigration policy.  This attack by the mainstream media was inevitable, though, with Cruz’s recent ascension in the polls in Iowa and creeping national support.  Like the Empire, the GOPe always strikes back.  Here, lead by Marco Rubio and heavily supported by establishment friendly outlets like Fox News the attack is focused on lowering Cruz’s credibility and favorability.  It’s similar to the ongoing smear campaign against populist candidate Donald Trump.

The New York Times article was meant to be a knockout punch, similar to the George Allen “Macaca” incident or Mitt Romney’s “47%” comments. It exposes Ted Cruz as a scheming, duplicitous politician.  He says on the recording that he wants to “bearhug” Donald Trump in public and fears getting into a public row with Trump. He also questions Trump’s judgment as Commander in Chief.  The ultimate goal is to chip away at Cruz and prevent him from eclipsing Rubio.  By dragging him down to Rubio’s level, they can begin deconstructing Cruz and his good guy image.

Cruz has positioned himself as the outsider with integrity, the Champion of Christian America (Evangelicals absolutely love him).  The NY Times piece is an attempt to blunt his perceived integrity and reduce his favorability among future voters. As the wider group of voters learns about Ted Cruz, his integrity and trustworthiness will be questioned, rather than accepted.  In many ways, he has made integrity a central theme in his campaign.  Thus, it’s no accident that his honesty is being attacked.  It’s actually quite damaging in the end.

Cruz’s subsequent refusal to adequately address these questions has resulted in the general appearance of smarminess.  The media has quickly picked up on this and has predictably begun to hammer Cruz on the sleaziness factor.  Once Cruz’s reputation is destroyed he will drop in the polls.  It’s up to him now to rehabilitate himself before the smears become truth.  It’s not the Cruz Crew they are targeting but future potential supporters.  With the Iowa Caucuses around the corner, the GOPe realizes it’s go time for Marco Rubio and that Ted Cruz is standing in the way.

Ted Cruz is one of the most dynamic and convincing speakers of the GOP candidates. This was largely obscured by the Rubio-Cruz cage match over immigration and amnesty.  Although Cruz was given the most time to speak, he spent much of it haggling with Rubio.  Most Americans do not know or care about intricate policy details.  The two of them chirping back and forth resulted only in a draw, a net negative for Cruz.  A draw on amnesty is actually a great deal for Rubio, as it’s his Achilles Heel.  Although Cruz is clearly in the right on this issue, it has been sufficiently muddled as to give Rubio a pass. Predictably, most of the media coverage has been pro-Rubio and the anti-Cruz rhetoric has been dialed up.

The other dust up with Rubio involved data collection and national security. It’s clear on this issue that Cruz is in the right again.  There is no question that Ted Cruz is more intelligent and wonkish than Rubio.  But does it matter?  I contend it doesn’t.  He’s got lots of wonderful patriotic Americans supporting him but he’s not going to be permitted by the GOPe and mainstream media to breakthrough any further.  He lacks Trump’s media savvy and the ability to simplify issues and reach directly to voters.  Cruz is brilliant, but try as he might, he does not have the common touch; too much the glib, slick political insider.  The larger issue of how he will handle the onslaught of half truths and smears coming from the GOPe and traditional media outlets remains unresolved.

The next few weeks will be critical for Ted Cruz.  Will he rise above increased media scrutiny and GOPe smears or fall victim to them?

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