Ted Cruz Experiences New York Values

FU Ted

A lot has been said about New York Values by failed presidential candidate Ted Cruz over the course of the 2016 campaign. It played well in the farm belt.  But now, with his campaign sagging under the weight of his own lies and obfuscation, Cruz is limping into New York for what promises to be the final leg of his sleazy, corrupt and disastrous campaign.

On Wednesday April 6, 2016 a day after his highly questionable victory in Wisconsin, Cruz made a horrible misstep as he entered the South Bronx, presumably to woo minority voters.  But the residents of New York’s hardscrabble working class borough were having none of it.  Cruz was literally thrown out of the Bronx and accosted at every turn.  Welcome to New York, Ted!

In reality Cruz does very poorly in large diverse states.  He wins lily white and less diverse states (often caucuses where vote manipulation is easier).  His troubles in the Bronx underscore one of the major failures of his campaign, the lack of enthusiasm for Cruz outside of the Bible Belt.

Ted Cruz is an out of control person and failing candidate.  But because of the media’s extreme hatred of Donald Trump, Cruz’s flaws are being glossed over. For instance, Cruz’s adultery scandal has been largely ignored by establishment media outlets, outside of the National Enquirer.

Another example is his involvement with the relatively obscure Dominion Theology.  Do people actually understand what this is all about?  If they did, they would be very troubled and afraid of handing over power to Ted Cruz.

Cruz has insulted New Yorkers at every turn but it has been largely swept under the rug outside of New York.  In New York, the vitriol and hatred are being returned in spades.

The endgame for the Democrats and the GOP establishment is to elect Hillary Clinton.  Their strategy is to use Cruz and schlubby John Kasich to siphon off enough delegates to prevent Trump from getting to the magic 1237 delegates threshhold and win on the first ballot at the convention.

The big money is behind Ted Cruz to act as a spoiler for Trump.  These folks are traitors.  A vote for failed candidate Ted Cruz is really just a vote for Hillary Clinton who will appoint 4-5 Supreme Court judges who will in return rescind the Second Amendment and make unfettered immigration the law of the land.  Unless the clear front runner Trump is the nominee, the Republican Party will fracture, handing Clinton the victory.  If Kasich, Cruz or another candidate with fewer delegates (or none at all) is selected by the GOPe at the convention ahead of Trump, the party will be ripped apart.  Trump supporters will defect en masse and the GOP as we know it will end.

To his core, Cruz is an artificial, manufactured, scheming politician.  His entire outsider campaign was a fraudulent attempt to hoodwink the masses.  Thankfully Trump came along to wake up most voters.

For instance, Cruz uses sleazy tactics to release disinformation.  He claims the below memo should not be forwarded to Trump Supporters but that’s exactly what he wants.  As if anyone working for Cruz would be encouraged to send internal documents to Trump supporters!  What rubbish.

Cruz is acting very much like a traitor to the United States (I won’t even get into his dubious citizenship credentials).  I have to wonder, did they offer him an endless supply of young women, is he in line for the Vice Presidency or a SCOTUS selection?  Perhaps it’s all of them!  Enquiring minds want to know.  But Ted, lay off the hookers and give your wife Heidi a break.

Meanwhile on Long Island, Trump draws 18,000 people.  In the Bronx Cruz appears before less than 100 and is shouted down and tossed out.


Author: Political Tropes

I am an anonymous blogger.

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