Desperate GOPe Conspires to Take Down Trump

As the campaign for the Republican nomination for President quickly enters the voting phase, the stench of desperation is rising from keyboards and touchscreens along the Acela Corridor.  In an unprecedented move, political publications are devoting entire issues to smearing and bashing Donald Trump.  What’s going on, why is virtually the entire Republican Establishment (“GOPe”) rallying against Trump?

It’s not very complicated, just follow the money.  It’s no accident that virtually every Washington D.C. operative, columnist, blogger and media personality is aligned against Donald Trump. He threatens their years of piggybacking off the taxpayers and their access to power.  So as the days tick down to the Iowa Caucus, the last desperate punches of a rattled GOPe are being thrown.

The GOPe has crushed every voter rebellion to this point. Remember the Tea Party?  The GOPe co-opted then dismissed this group of angry voters. They smeared, ridiculed and outfunded Tea Party candidates.  They grabbed their political platforms during the campaigns but returned to their progressive big government ways once the votes were counted.  Jodi Ernst or Paul Ryan anyone?

These are the people that stuck us with John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.  They want to continue their feeding at the trough of our tax dollars by saddling us with Rubio, Bush or Cruz.  Yes, Ted Cruz is in the pocket of the GOPe big donors.  The only one that isn’t is Donald Trump.  That’s why they hate him and have launched their “Anyone But Trump (“ABT”) Jihad.  These people love their little club, which we aren’t in, but is funded by our tax dollars.  So it’s no mystery why all of the political parasites have aligned against Trump.

The Players

A broad assemblage of political consultants, globalist titans, heavily controlled presidential candidates and various media outlets, old and new are working furiously to destroy the populist uprising of Donald Trump.  They crushed the Tea Party several years and now want to annihilate Donald Trump, a wealthy business man offering to work for a $1 salary as President.

An unprecedented smear campaign is being orchestrated by what I like to call the Idiot Right (pundits such as Dana & Chris Loesch, Mark Levin, Rick Wilson, Katie Pavlich, Cheri Jacobus and Liz Mair) as well as  the pseudo intellectual National Review (“NRO”).  Because Trump has taken zero money from donors, the entrenched political class has been left out in the cold.  They have no influence on Trump, his campaign or his policies.  They are furious and have banded together to defeat him at all costs.  Trump is the disruptive Uber to their antiquated, heavily regulated yellow cab.

Although Trump has hired political consultants, he has no need for the vast majority of them, including fundraisers and digital strategists.  Trump is already the master of manipulating the media and has no use for retread consultants and failed strategists.

This diagram shows how the consultant class uses twitter to funnel disinformation to tear down candidates while surreptitiously promoting others. Note below how anti Trump operative Cheri Jacobus attempts to create a false meme, apparently linking an unwitting KKK parody account to the Trump campaign. Then she goes on a low rated internet radio show to spread the lie.  Note also Rick Wilson’s involvement (more on him later).

Attack Flow Chart

(Courtesy of @lipatriot)

Cruz supporters have also been circulating dozens of fraudulent Donald Trump memes on twitter attempting to smear him with lies.  This is has allegedly been encouraged by pro Cruz radio personality Mark Levin (@marklevinshow).  Take a peek at his twitter feed and it’s a sea of seething hatred for Trump.  This is what passes for modern Conservatism, one sided berating of candidates that threaten your pet candidate.  But we understand why, with Trump in power Levin is out.  It’s that simple.


Levin is actively (and desperately) peddling the smear that Trump is part of the GOPe.  How can anyone claim Trump is part of the establishment when entire issues of magazines are published with every single writer is professing hatred and dislike of Trump?

Quite simply, they cannot. Sorry Levin, we aren’t that stupid.  You and your cronies are no longer gatekeepers capable of manipulating the masses for your benefit.  We are going around you.  You’re obsolete.


Note he also coordinates his attacks on Trump with Red State (run by Eric Erickson another Trump basher and well known Rubio supporter).


The document referenced below is a sheet containing loans for one Trump’s building projects. Levin is falsely claiming this make Trump’s campaign beholden to large banks. What Mark Levin knows and fails to disclose to his listeners, is that those loans referenced are corporate loans used by the Trump Organization to fund building projects.

This has nothing to do with Trump’s campaign and in fact shows the opposite of what Levin stated.  Trump’s business can get loans from virtually any lender and can negotiate their own terms.  They will have several lenders lining up to do business with them for each project. Who wouldn’t want to lend to The Trump Organization?

So it is rather shameful for Levin to trick his followers into saying this indicates Trump is beholden to the banks that lend his business funding for his real estate projects.  Trump controls these relationships, not the banks.

Although the real estate lending industry is rather complex, there are a  few simple enlightening facts for anyone with a marginally inquisitive mind.  Generally real estate loans are not personally secured (especially not in a corporate context) but rather use the property as collateral.  Thus, Trump is not personally liable for these loans.  It’s dishonest and reeks of elitist sophistry to suggest otherwise.


Also part of this circle of Trump hatred and smears is Liz Mair.  Mair is a Republican operative, social liberal with a penchant for working on failed campaigns. She got fired from the Scott Walker Presidential campaign in an embarrassing meltdown. She famously insulted the voters of Iowa (the first state to Caucus in 2016).

“Morons across America are astounded to learn that people from *IOWA* grow up rather government-dependent. #agsubsidies #ethanol #brainless,” she tweeted on Jan. 22.

Two days later, she fired another missive against the Hawkeye State’s political status.

“The sooner we remove Iowa’s frontrunning status, the better off American politics and policy will be,” Mair tweeted on Jan. 24.

So you can see that is a person clearly lacking good judgment with an obvious contempt for the voting populace.  Walker’s candidacy never got going despite his early frontrunner status.  Over the hill pundit George Will’s wife also worked on the failed Walker campaign.  He openly trashed Trump while his wife was employed by Walker.

Like her ally, Rick Wilson Mair is actively working to destroy Donald Trump. Wilson you might remember, recently had an embarrassing breakdown on television in which he referenced a gay porn fetish when discussing Trump supporters. We can’t make this up folks, these narratives write themselves.

But don’t forget one important piece of the puzzle, these operatives are highly paid. These aren’t kids at home in their mothers’ basements, these people actually are paid to do this, quite often at ridiculously exorbitant rates.  Liz Mair’s lazy Trump smears are sampled below.

This first tweet links to an article on how to take down Donald Trump. Mair encourages her followers to read it.


Below is one of the most common Trump smears by Trump haters.  They claim that Trump is in favor of a Canadian style health care system in the United States.  The evidence “Trumps” this blatantly false assertion.  In Trump’s own words,

“[W]e still need a plan to bring down health-care costs and make health-care insurance more affordable for everyone. It starts with increasing competition between insurance companies. Competition makes everything better and more affordable.”


Liz Mair actively promotes her anti Trump campaign and continuously rattles her tin cup, requesting donations from her followers.



Mair actively supports Ted Cruz on twitter. She is also affiliated with Rick Wilson who is a known Rubio Operative. She likely is promoting Cruz in order to pave the way for Rubio.

Most of the Idiot Right is backing Rubio who is the malleable Muppet they know will keep the consultant class gravy train rolling.  They simply want to use Cruz as their battering ram to get to Trump.  They know Cruz has no chance to win the nomination with his spotty record and dubious citizenship credentials. But at this point it’s ABT – Anyone But Trump.



I could go on for a while here listing columnists and operatives who have agreed to smear Trump.  One of the more disappointing participants is Kurt Schlichter.  I used to think he was a free thinker but he’s been shamefully reduced to another Trump basher.  I don’t generally use the term Cuckservative but it seems applicable here.  Clearly Kurt has thrown in with the Idiot Right.

Note here the coordination with Rick Wilson.  Schlichter the political pundit casually insults Trump supporters (40% of the Republican electorate).  Clearly he’s not the man of the people he claims to be but rather a card carrying member of the Idiot Right.  He’s likely another Rubio guy, who will flirt with Cruz for a while and feign some level of objectivity.  Of course when it comes to Trump, it’s dismissive sneering and endless mocking.




Here he mocks Jerry Falwell, Jr. for supporting Trump.  Typical GOPe “Conservative” insider, sneering, mocking and ridiculing every move Trump makes. Don’t mind Kurt’s patriot, man of the people persona (not mocking his military service though).  He’s a pundit class political mercenary now seemingly assigned to hit Trump.


Another pundit is so called Conservative Stephen Miller. He also finds it fashionable to sneer at Trump Supporters.  It’s all the rage to marginalize the GOP frontrunner.  What does Conservatism mean, again?  For these pundits it means denigrating the people’s choice.


The D.C. political class when it sneers and smears Donald Trump, they are looking down their noses and spitting on us. Who appointed these sniveling wankers as our gatekeepers? I know I didn’t.


More Trump funnies, “Trump’s Twitter Monkey is him”. Oh you’re so clever Stephen!  You’re killing me!  What a knee slapper.


More witty reparte! Miller has set up a twitter poll suggesting Trump make Gary Busey the Secretary of Defense.  Our country has been sold out by politicians and the political class (like Miller) but he taunts Trump and us with Garey Busey.  Let them eat cake!


Note the common thread between all of these operatives: Rick Wilson.  Wilson has outed himself as a leader of the anti Trump crowd.  He supports Rubio and like the others is threatened by Trump’s populist uprising.  The Idiot Right’s end game, I suspect, is to elect Rubio.

A quick scan of Wilson’s twitter timeline shows his bread and butter is mocking Donald Trump.  See the common theme here?


Here his Rubio shilling is on display.  There’s no mistaking it, Rick loves Rubio.  He also has been on the Rubio payroll.


Here GOPe water carrier Sean Davis chimes in with another genius level bit of analysis.  Look guys, he’s comparing Trump to Obama.  Sean you’re a rock star!  Too bad I can get this crap for free from Cruz supporters all day.  Can’t the anti Trump braintrust come up with something better?


Note below the lovely, effete Bill Kristol makes an appearance to support Ted Cruz.  Anyone But Trump!


Wilson is known for his predilection for misogyny and obsession with pornography.  He also serves on the board of The National Collegiate Equestrian Association (NCEA) with executives from multinational corporations like Martha Steward Omnimedia.  I promise, no bawdy horse jokes.

In terms of his hatred of women, it’s been widely reported.  He asked Ann Coulter on twitter if “Donald Trump pays more for anal [sex]”.  As stated above, he also recently revealed an obsession with gay masturbation fetishes.

Wilson also has violent fantasies regarding Donald Trump.  He suggested that someone “put a bullet” in the Republican frontrunner.

These are just few of the politicos spending endless days writing tweets, blog posts and making cable news appearances all designed to take down Trump.  It’s a big business bashing Trump.  Fortunately for us, it’s failures like Kristol, Wilson and Mair leading the charge.

Husand and wife founding members of the Idiot Right are recently exposed phonies Dana and Chris Loesch (Pronounced “Lash”).  Charles Johnson has already done a thorough job of exposing them.  Johnson details how the anti-bailout former Tea Party activist Loesches milked the government for a multi-million dollar tax exemption.

Dana loves to brag about her Tea Party affiliation too.  She has just come out for GOPe puppet Ted Cruz.  It’s interesting that she waited until the last week of January to endorse Cruz.  Once Cruz is knocked out the race, she will likely throw her weight behind Rubio with the rest of the Idiot Right.

DL Ted Cruz


Dana is big on grammar.  She is a proud graduate of St. Louis Community College.  She enjoys mocking and belittling those that she disagrees with and then explodes when someone says something nasty in response.  She collects all the nasty tweets, reads them on air and plays the victim.  She then uses these comments to smear Trump and Trump supporters.  Classy!


Note her school marmish attempts to dismiss dissenting opinions.  Don’t address the substance, heaven forbid we get beyond name calling and have a substantive discussion.


See Dana’s chumminess with other establishment fixtures Katie Pavlich and Dana Perino, the former Press Secretary for George W. Bush.


Behind of these groups are globalist puppet masters like George Soros.  In a recent Breitbart expose these connections are clearly laid out.  The National Review (“NRO”), which recently reorganized as non-profit is leading the old guard media charge against Trump.

In sum, it’s the same open borders advocates and cronies who support Rubio and want to take down Trump.  The Street did an excellent breakdown of the #gangof22 columnists and their motivations for attacking Trump.

The big donors in coordination with NRO, pundits and political operatives are united against Trump in order to preserve the status quo.  They want to keep feeding off our tax dollars, while saddling us with debt and disenfranchising us.  These are not Conservatives, they are big government progressives.

The Conservatism they extol is just a tool to manipulate voters.  It does not exist.  Did George Bush, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor or Paul Ryan reduce the size of government?  No, they worked with fellow progressives and Democrats to massively expand government and burden our country with crippling debt and entitlements.  As George Carlin so eloquently reminded us, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it“.

The only way to fight back against this cabal is to vote for Donald Trump.



Author: Political Tropes

I am an anonymous blogger.

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