When the Going Gets Tough the Left Trolls Trump

From progressive bagmen like Michael Moore to the RINO high priestess SE Cupp, trolling  Donald Trump is the latest Twitter craze.  Below are but a few of the many examples of those lazily trolling Trump to generate buzz for their sagging careers.

Michael Moore who is promoting a new movie Where to Invade Next is just the latest in a long line of Trump trolls.  I do give him credit for having his limo drop him off at Trump Tower and standing up long for this picture to be taken, though. You’re a true working class hero Mike!  Too bad you aren’t concerned about the safety of American Citizens.  How incredibly shallow and shameless of you to exploit Muslims to promote your movie.

Of course his trolling was wildy successful, Moore is clever enough to take advantage of free publicity!

After exploiting Trump for his own purposes, Moore is off to Stephen Colbert, unfortunately nobody is going to watch this progressive slopfest.

S.E. Cupp, who miraculously  made a career out of  being a proud RINO grrrl, has predicably joined the anti- Trump convoy.

Can you imagine if Cupp was a guy or ugly?  Nobody would listen to anything she said. As it is now, she’s wailing into an echo chamber.

Trump even took the time to call her out for her endless and sad diatribes.  Just another lazy overpaid pumdit riding Trump’s coattails.  Who said journalists have to work hard.  Why think for yourself when Hillary and Karl Rove have done it for you.

It pays to be the token ‘Republican’ at CNN in league fellow progressives.  It makes me laugh when she calls herself a Conservative.

I will post more of the many examples of Trump trolling as I come across  them. Suggestions are welcome.


Even the WaPo is on it:


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