Predictions for Tonight’s Debate

Just a quick note before tonight’s Republican debate in Las Vegas and a few predictions.

With Trump grabbing all of the recent headlines, expect the media to lob softballs at Rubio all night.  I know it’s Wolf Blitzer moderating but I don’t think it’s likely he will go too hard after the Hillary’s preferred opponent, Marco Rubio.  Clearly this is the GOP Establishment’s guy and every effort will be made to declare him the night’s winner.

By Contrast, Cruz will be largely ignored and asked inconsequential or gotcha questions.  He will likely garner the toughest questions to answer.  While Cruz is an establishment guy, he has played the outsider role a little too well and many of the cronies likely don’t trust him yet.  Rubio is a much safer bet.

Kasich will be granted far too many opportunities to interrupt and answer for a guy at 1% nationally.  Same for Fiorina, except she will acting even more shrill and sanctimonious.  Sorry, I don’t like them.

Christie will land a few great one liners but nobody will care.

Jeb! will be moderately coherent and his reviews will be overwhelmingly positive, since the bar has been set so ridiculously low for this mediocre at best candidate.

Rand Paul will make a few excellent points and people will actually think about voting for him.  Then he will go a little too far and will fade back into obscurity.

That leaves Trump.  He will stick to familiar topics and be mostly cordial to his fellow candidates.  Trump will do well and attack when he needs to defend himself.  His performance will be grotesquely over analyzed by the chattering political class but loved by his ever swelling horde of supporters.

I doubt there will be as many people tuning in now as the novelty has worn off.  Many voters have already made their choice.




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